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lube oil supplier

Innovation Marine International (IMI) is the leader suppliers of marine lubricant oil (lube oil). Our products range comes from industrial leaders in production or quality marine lubricants which include ExxonMobil, Total Oil, British Petroleum, Shell, Castrol Oil, Gulf Marine and a host of others:

Our success story is based on our dedication to our clients, our ability to anticipate and respond successfully to the needs and concerns of our customers as a result of the fact that we listen to and adhere to their suggestions and advice.

We have built a successful supply chain designed to respond to the request of our clients in a reliable and timely manner without compromising quality.

Product Range:

 - Antifreeze

- Compressor Oils

- Gear & bearing Oils

- Grease

- Hydraulic and Circulating Oils

- Marine Engine Oils

- Refrigeration Compressor Oils

- Stern Tube Lubricants

- Turbine Oils

- Heat Transfer oils etc.

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